All in one

The ALL-IN-ONE concept is fully realised in this full protective suit system. SubiTUS stands for a simple and error-free operable full body protection, which also keeps gases and dusts away from the respiratory tract. This system helps the users to protect themselves against bacteria, viruses, epidemics, chemicals etc. during initial contacts.
Application recommended for: Clinics, hospitals, rescue services, army, fire departments

  • tightly attached mask with filter (P3) and ABEKP3
  • Material: DuPont™ Tychem® C 
  • Nitrile latex gloves are tightly fitted
  • dense, slip- and cut-resistant sole (Kevlar), optional boot socks with drip edge
  • Sizes S–XXXL
  • CE certification according to EN 14126 : 2003 + AC:2004, EN 14605 : 2005 + A1:2009 Type 4B, EN ISO 13688 : 2013

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