1993 Incorporation of Techbau by Nik Keel, market introduction of the ventilation system Passat
1995 Relocation of the suit production to Poland
1998 Development of the breathable protection gear ATLAS for the nuclear industry
1999 Development of a full protective gear for the pharma industry
2003 Development of a modular tent for nuclear decontamination
2004 Development of Phönix with compressed air - external ventilation system with full protection suit
2005 Entry into the ABC-market with the full protective gear FSA06 for the Swiss army
2009/10 Change of name to TB-Safety and incorporations as a limited liability company (GmbH)
2011 Start of the development of VenION, start of procuction of suits in Italy
2013 Move of research and administration to Frick / Aargau
2013 CE-licence for VenION and development of the patient isolation unit PIU
2014 CE-licence for VenPIPE
2015 Change into a corporation TB-Safety AG, development of the next generation ABC-system (FSA14) together with the Swiss Army
2016 Conclusion of licence agreement with DuPont DeNemours
2017 CE approval CaseONE
2018 Start of suit production in Romania
2019 CE approval SubiTUS and development MagicExit