Air treatment system

The air treatment system converts compressed air into breathing air according to EN12021. Additionally every single outflow can be controlled and monitored. Warning devices provide the necessary security for the wearer of the suit.

The basic version consists of a robust steel case, in which the several components are built in. The construction is mobile. On the side of the grips there are ports for the compresesd air cylinders. The filter combination consists of an oil/water separator, carbon filter and particle filter. The condensate drainage is automatic. By opening a side element the filters are easily exchangeable. The filter condition can be monitored with an optical display.

Smallest deposit size: 0,00001 mm
Residual oil content with filter combination at 7 bar and 21 °C: 0.003 ppm
Throughput capacity at 7 bar: 1050 l/min
Air outlet (to wearer of suit): air safety clutch
Ports for full protection suits:  2 people
Mains pressure: >6 bar <10 bar
Switch to emergency air cylinder: <5.5 bar
Emergency air supply: none

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