Perfectly safe at any time

The ventilated housing prevents infections of patients. It is being kept clean with two respirators (Master/Slave). The patient mounting which is attached to the stretcher, is isolated from the housing.

Housing made with Tychem C / F / PVC
Dimension 2000x670x555
Gas-tight zipper
3+3 glove ports size 9
Material lock 160x250x300
Waste box 100x350x250
6 windows 250x800
2x50mm belts with rattle attached to stretcher, tightly connected to the inside. 50mm chest/shoulder strap, waistbelt and safety lock.
Cover which after the cleaning (H2O2/Peracetic acid) gets removed by rip cord.

Disposal bag in suitcase mould, tightly lockable 1.5m x 1.5m x 0.5m


Made of aluminium, suitable for various stretchers, mounting with supplied rubber spanners.

Stryker M1
Stryker M1 S&R
Stollenwerk incl. harness

VenION respirator:

< 1kg weight, flow rate 150-500 l/min, operating time >4-6h, for the ventilation of suits and hoods, suction from patient housing.
scope of supply:
1x respirator
1x Li ION battery pack
1x transport box with built in charging station
1x power supply 230 V for Fz operating instead of battery
2 x P3-Filter 300l/min Rd 50mm

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