EN 14605

EN 14126


FSA14 comes as a set, consisting of a transport box with built-in charging station, two full protective suits, a VenION® blower, the batteries and 4 ABEK P3 filters. The blower, the battery and the ABEK P3 filters are stored in a foam holder in the transport box. The two ready-to-use full protective suits are also packed into the box at the top.

Powered respirator

  • weight: VenION® < 1100 g, incl. batteries
  • flow rate 300 l/min; operating time > 4h
  • CE-certification EN12941
  • available with ABEK P3 and P3 filters (can be used as an exercise filter)
  • made with DuPont™ Tychem® F (orange)
  • butyl gloves; anti-slipping and antistatic sole suitable for labratory use
  • highly transparent visor with view to the top
  • sizes S–XXXL
  • CE-certification EN 12941, EN14126, EN14605

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